Unusual ways to cultivate your beard

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Your beard one of the main sign and symbol of masculinity deserves special attention. There are a number of surprising tricks for improving its quality.

Here you can see what you need to change to make your beard thick, uniform and healthy.



tumblr_ms12a3MW9q1r91oiao1_500Use all hair naturally products and certain liquids that help your beard to maintain moisture and soft. However, what about when the hair is dried and beard lose hydration?

In this case the beard looks lifeless and messy, so it is necessary to give hair a natural and full look.

Regularly use a beard oil of your choice, (I recommend scruffstuff.co.uk) The best and the most frequently used ingredients are : coconut oil, jojoba oil and a variety of other natural oils.


2ee897437ef49aea0e8a114ad3dda74aIf the whole body is healthy, and beard will be healthy!

And that is why on how attractive you will look with beard affects the proper diet, good sleep, exercise and avoiding stress. It sounds silly but believe me the first thing that goes with stress is hair or beard loss.

What does exercise have to do with hair? Science, it is generally known, claims that there is a strong connection between the length of the beard and testosterone. While training, the body produces more testosterone, and therefore your beard grows faster. You certainly didn’t know that!

A wonderful trick, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for go to the gym. Start training something, be a man!


Believe it or not, bacon contains the ingredients necessary for the growth of a human hair. That’s why you do not need every time to resist, please feel free to let yourself enjoying its magic from time to time.

Look at the pictures of a bearded man

Some people say that it is scientifically proven that admiration to beards stimulates their growth. Although it seems a bit ridiculous and implausible, when no one is watching, choose your favorite popular beard and watch the photo as long as you can.


Proud owners of beards have good and close relations with their counterparts in appearance, the research found this truth. When you are in such a society, you will learn about oils and proteins from other beard. What I want to say is that bearded men respect each other very much. 

Reasons for wearing a beard are many!

According to a survey by the regional media referring to the British Telegraph, scientists believe they had solved one of the great mysteries, why many men today released a beard.Bearded-man-Lumberjack

The answer, according to researchers University of Western Australia , is that men are feeling pressured by other men and therefore they are trying to look more aggressive by being engrossing .

Scientists have studied the thesis that in large communities male primates develop vivid features which can enhance their sexual attraction to females and thus put them in a better position than other males. These include prominent cheeks, extended noses, and prominent upper lip among monkeys and beard among humans.

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