Understanding The Obsession With Beards

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For the longest time a clean-cut and a proper shave, have been the epitome of a yappy. The idea of how we see sexy and successful man has changed much during the recent years. The shaved metrosexual has been replaced with a bearded style. This latest trend seems to be immensely popular among men and women alike and has managed to attract many followers as well as supporters. Since with the dawn of time people have had facial hair, but growing facial hair has only recently made such a huge comeback in the fashion world and proved to be a trend which will be one tough act to follow. If you would like to understand why beards have become such a huge trend, read on, as we will try to find the logical reasons why this trend has become so immensely popular among around the world.

I’m A Man – Not A Boy!

a7f6fe6bd23877e062f13514cc2e81beMen would definitely like to feel like men and not boys, and this is where beards come into the picture. Having a beard will make you look like a true man that is fully grown up and has a developed character and personality. If you would like to seem mature and like a well-rounded person, it is advisable that you try to grow a beard. Furthermore, having a beard makes you feel manlier, but it also makes you more assertive and gives you the kind of confidence you would not normally have. In addition to that some men cannot even grow a beard, therefore beards are exclusive for those men who have a lot of facial hair. Did you know that in some cultures the beard cult is so strong that men even undergo surgeries to transplant hair to their faces in order to be able to grow beards and show their masculinity? Surely, growing a beard is not the only way in which you can show your masculinity, but it definitely is one of the ways to express your character, individuality and accentuate your manliness.

Beards Accentuate Manly Beauty

rgosling011_gl_25apr12_rex_bIf you would like to put an emphasis on your manly beauty, make sure that you grow a beard. Also, if you don’t have the most perfect cheekbones or jaw line, a beard can help you cover up your physical flaws with some character and individuality. A beard will accentuate your manly beauty and cover up any of your flaws at the same time. Step down perfect physical features, since eccentricity and uniqueness have overtook the fashion trends. This sense of fashion has only recently started to go along this lane, but we are definitely delighted with the result nonetheless. The bearded men have become such a huge trend, that this current trend of sporting facial hair is unlikely to go away any time soon. Furthermore, the majority of people seem to be rather impressed with the modern lumbersexuals, and grateful that metrosexuals have become a part of history.

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